Challenge the status quo and find inspired leadership at all levels.

Headquartered in McCall, ID, with access to the North and Intermountain West, Redfish|Bluefish INC serves clients from governmental, non-profit and for-profit organizations. Redfish|Bluefish delivers leadership programs that inspire and engage. By tapping into the leadership potential already present, your organization can increase team effectiveness, inspire innovation and address challenges. Exceptional leaders are found at all levels within an organization.

With almost two decades of leadership instruction and organizational experience, Redfish|Bluefish offers services based on a foundation of academic rigor and practical application. Our mission is to provide you with the tools to be inspired to do your best work. 

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Areas of Practice


Leadership workshops customized to address specific areas for growth and team development. 

Public Speaking and Presentations

Customized speaking services to inspire your organization at its next event. 


Strategic planning facilitation using experiential techniques and design theory.


Design a leadership development plan for your organization that you can own. Create the leadership culture that you deserve. 


Neutral party facilitation services to foster collaboration and the achievement of shared objectives.



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